Monday, 16 November 2015

Back on the bike

As I said at the beginning of October, in my attempt to see how strong my legs were after the ride, I damaged my thigh. This led to me having pains when walking for the next week. I tried to go cycling the next weekend but it still hurt, so I have myself a break from cycling. I was busy at weekends, so really it was just not going out after work.

My first free weekend was at the start of November and so I decided, having received my new wheels (subject of another post), it was time to go out and try to get back to fitness.

The first ride was cut short by rain (I couldn't see where I was going) and the second wasn't as long as I would have liked as it gets dark early now and I haven't sorted out my lights so that I can do a long ride (another subject of a later post).

The next day I did manage a longer, but I decided not to push it too much and only do 75 miles. I would have liked to go considerably further but I didn't think it would be a good idea after an injury.

I've been out a couple of nights after work but they are shorter than I would like but at least I'm back on my bike.

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