Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 6

Although it was a bit chilly this morning, it was nice and sunny as my dad and I sat outside the tent and watched the planes fly over. With that distraction we didn’t leave until about 9:10.

Today’s route plan was up the A6 to Carlisle, over to Gretna, up the B7076 to Lockerbie and then to the left a bit. Sounds easy enough but the A6 part included going over Shap Fell, which goes up the to 1,400ft over about 7 miles from Kendal.

My dad stopped for me just outside Kendal and I took the opportunity to eat ready for the climb. Then off I went, in a low gear and just trying to keep my legs going at a constant rate. I had to stop at some temporary traffic lights and my legs didn’t like the restart and so knew that I had to try to not stop again. My dad was waiting for me at the highest point, but I didn’t realise that there wasn’t another hill coming up and just carried on to Shap village, it was easier than I thought.

After Shap came Penrith, which today was looking very bike friendly as the Tour of Britain was due to pass through a couple of hours later.

I decided to try a different route between Carlisle and Gretna than the one that my dad’s sat nav suggested. It turned out well, I took a road that runs alongside the M6 and arrived in Gretna only a few minutes after my dad. And so on day six, we had entered Scotland.

I followed my sat nav to the campsite, or at least I followed my sat nav to where the pay code said it would be. Sadly it wasn’t there and when we tried to follow the directions my dad had got from someone in a shop, we got lost again. Eventually we did find the site at about 16:35 and have a pitch overlooking a loch. Thanks to Dug, the very nice warden, we haven’t had to pay for it either.

Distance today - 94.9 miles
Total distance - 534.9 miles

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