Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lejogle Day 3

Today wasn’t as easy as I had thought that it was going to be. It was shorter but there was three times the climbing that I expected.

Today’s route planning was to follow the A38 and then turn right at Tewkesbury, it looked easy enough….

We set off at about 8:50am and immediately hit the Taunton traffic, it was fine for me but my dad got stuck for a few minutes.

So off we went along the A38. We had a stop in Langford which, for fans of 90s docu-soaps, was the home of Vet School.

We then set off for Bristol. Knowing that we would probably lose each other going through, we decided to meet on the other side, once we’d found the A38 again.

My dad made it through OK (he just followed his sat nav), I on the other hand got lost and ended up climbing some annoying hills, but I got out the other side in the end and met my dad.

We then set off for Gloucester, where we both got lost and then Tewkesbury, where we didn’t. I arrived at the campsite, which is just over the border into Worcestershire, at about 16:15.

As tomorrow’s camping spot (it’s behind a pub, so I’m not sure that it can be classed as a site) isn’t close to a town, I popped back into Tewkesbury (6.2 mile round trip) and did some shopping while my dad fixed his puncture from yesterday).

Distance today (excluding the trip to Morrison’s) - 96.6 miles

Total distance - 260.3 miles

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