Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lejogle Day 2

I set off at 8:40am, which was earlier than planned as my dad (who is carrying my things) arrived 50 minutes early.

The ride didn’t start well as my dad misheard where we were meant to meet and ended up in the wrong village. He soon found me and we carried on. Having stopped at Minnions (I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the sign) we set off again only for a couple of minutes later, just as he had overtaken me, for my dad to start wiggling in the road as he’d got a puncture. I carried on and it took him two hours to catch me up.

It’s been a hard day, I knew that it would be due to all the climbing but there was more than Google had led me to expect.

I safely arrived at about 16:55 and have been resting since. Tomorrow should be a shorter day (according to my dad’s sat nav, mine says it’s a lot longer) and with a lot less climbing.

The distance was 106.6 miles, bringing the total to 163.7

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