Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 4

We woke up this morning to thick fog, so think that we couldn’t see the other side of the field. There was no way that I would set off with such poor viability, so we used to time to work on the route for today.

I have a sat nav that is designed for touring cyclists, unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to plan a route that a touring cyclist would want to use. It wouldn’t plan a direct route, so I added some waypoints and it have me a 120 mile route.

My dad has a sat nav designed for motorcyclists. He changed his to route for cyclists and it have him an 85 mile route. We therefore used a route based on the one that his sat nav provided.

By around 9am the fog was clearing and we started to pack up. We left at about 9:35am, me in my high viability visibility cycling jacket to make sure people could see me and because it was still chilly.

To me today worked well. My dad stopped every 10 or so miles, at which point I had something to eat while checking the map with my dad to work out where we would meet next. My dad doesn’t quite have my enthusiasm…

As I didn’t have a reliable sat nav, I stuck to the major roads while my dad could go down some country roads. After Shifnal I was cycling along happily and then my dad appeared riding towards me. He’d been following the instructions until it took him to a farm yard and directed him into a field.

Towards the end of the ride I got to a junction and was expecting to find my dad there but he was nowhere to be seen. On checking my phone I had a missed call from my dad. He then called me again and said that he was in a layby must outside Market Drayton, which was about 10 miles behind me. Somehow I had gone past him or managed to overtake him.

I arrived at the campsite/pub at about 16:35 and my dad wasn’t far behind.

Neither of us slept well last night, so I’m hoping that the cockerel who lives next to where the tent is pitched doesn’t start making noise too early.

Distance today - 91.1 miles
Total distance - 351.4 miles

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