Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 12

We set off at about 9:30. I cycled from Dingwall to Loch Ness. Even though I did the same six years ago I was still surprised by how steep one of the hills was (luckily it was downhill). I then followed the A82 to Fort William.

There seem to be a lot of roadworks, although that’s no bad thing. At one of them, for some reason, we had to follow a van through in convoy. I had problems keeping up as it was up a hill. Dad, on the other hand, had the problem that the van kept changing speeds and he almost hit the back of it when the driver stopped to talk to someone.

I arrived at the campsite, just outside Fort William, at 15:00. My dad was slightly later as his sat nav sent him somewhere else (I knew where I was going as I stayed here in 2009). I was confused to see him riding past the site and it did seem to take him a while to come back.

It was short day today. I’m sure that when I planned it it wasn’t as short as it was, but at least it gave me time this evening.

I don’t think that I passed any Welcome To signs today. I did, however, pass the first sign telling me how far it is the Land’s End, although I’m not sure it was correct. I also didn’t see Nessie, but I took a photo if you want to check.

Once the tent was up I cycled into the centre of Fort William (about 2 miles away) as  I needed some shorts. I brought three pairs with me but didn’t realise what all the training had done to them and how thin they had become. I’ve rubbed holes in two pairs already. I tried to find some last night but shops don’t seem to think that it’s shorts buying weather.

Tomorrow is over Glen Coe and down the side of Loch Lomond. When I looked at the forecast a couple of days ago it said it would be dry, the forecast is now for showers in the afternoon and rain in the evening. I’m not looking forward to it and think I’ll put an extra layer on so I don’t get s cold as I did on Saturday.

I meant to say, in my post on Monday about the charities, thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I had been trying to send a message to everyone but then became too busy. Hopefully I’ll be able to thank you when I’ve finished the ride.

Distance today - 72.6 miles
Distance from John O'Groats - 184.7 miles
Total Distance - 1,074.1 miles

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