Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 1

I set off at about 12:45 as we got lost on the way down trying to work out how I was going to cycle through Redruth.

All went well, it was a bit blowy in places but the weather forecast had warned me about that.

I arrived at my mum’s at about 16:50 and my mum, who was acting as back up, wasn’t here as she had stopped a few times along the way as she thought that she must have missed me as I went faster than she expected.

Along the way I passed another cyclist who is riding to John O'Groats. He is stopping at Launceston tonight, at the rate he was going and the distance left, he probably won’t make it before it gets dark.

So that’s 57.1 miles down, quite a few more to go.

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