Sunday, 13 September 2015

The campsite

I should point out that the owners are not charging us to stay, which is very kind of them. We are, therefore, certainly getting our money’s worth. 

As I said in the other post, the campsite wasn’t where we thought it was and I was sent in the wrong direction to find my dad. The location is very nice and we could have the tent right by a beach (instead we’re behind a bank, so hopefully more sheltered from the sea breezes).

The place is very basic. I went to have a shower and it had multiple temperatures, that is to say that the water comes from one pipe ( controlled by a lever that I’m sure is normally found on gas pipework) and keeps changing temperature. There was also no lock on the door and the handle was a bit of rope. My dad went to have a shower when the light had started to fade and found that there is no light in there, he’ll have to go in the morning.

I was also a little worried by the notice posted in the toilet block which says that the water may be contaminated and you shouldn’t drink it without boiling it first (luckily we have enough water to get us through to the next campsite).

Having said all that, I quite like the place.

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