Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 9

What a difference a day makes. When we woke up it was dry and it has stayed so all day.

I think it’s getting harder for both of us to get up in the morning. My dad wasn’t woken by his alarm clock and so I had to do it. It then took me about 20 minutes to get out of my sleeping bag and get dressed as, although it was sunny, it was still chilly.

We set off at about 9:55 today, which was later than planned but I spent some time using the hairdryer to dry my gloves and warm my shoes (they were still too wet to be able to dry them fully).

Today has been a fast day. At the first 10 mile stop (No.145, A9 Layby fans) I had averaged 18.3mph. Although the average speed reduced over the course of the day, it’s still been my fastest day by far. That’s probably helped by us starting at 750ft and ending at sea level, although I still did more climbing than yesterday.

Today was the first time that I passed a sign with a mileage to John O'Groats, it said that there were 109 miles to go. I was going down a hill and couldn’t stop in time to take a photo, so I took a photo of the next one.

I arrived at the campsite at about 16:45 but was sent in the wrong direction and couldn’t find my dad. But at least I had found the campsite, my dad had followed his sat nav to the postcode but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the campsite but a quick phone call sorted that. Today’s campsite is interesting, I think that’ll be the subject for a further post.

Tomorrow we should arrive at John O'Groats, unfortunately it looks like it will be raining when we arrive and will continue to rain until late at night.

Distance today - 96.9 miles
Total distance - 831.1 miles

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