Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 15

It was cold this morning as sat in my chair, wrapped in my blanket wondering why, in September, it was cold enough to see my breath.

We set off at about 9:10 and early on we passed Lockerbie. It’s strange to think that we went over the huge crater that was left there, not that there is any sign to hint at its past (there is a garden to mark the spot, but that’s on the other side of a fence and not visible from the road).

We crossed the border into England at Gretna before 11:30 and headed for Carlisle. I went along a road beside the motorway while dad followed his sat nav down the A7 and then got stuck in traffic in Carlisle, which meant that I caught him up.

We then continued down through Penrith and over Shap Fell, which is slightly easier from the north but still quite a climb. A few days ago when I checked the weather forecast rain was expected today, which I wasn’t looking forward to on that hill but luckily we didn’t have any and it was a lovely day.

I arrived at the campsite at about 15:15. When I looked at my helmet I had a lot of dead flies stuck to it, then I found that I had a lot of dead flies stuck in my hair. At least they weren’t biting me, dad has bites on his wrists and ankles.

Tomorrow is down to Warrington, it’ll be roughly the same route as we used when coming up. The weather forecast has rain from about 9am but I’m hoping that it’ll clear quickly and we can dry out early on.

Distance Today - 83.6 miles
Distance from John O'Groats - 435.9 miles
Total Distance - 1325.3 miles

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