Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 5

We both slept better last night, the cockerel did start making noise early though and the church bell chimed every quarter of an hour.

We set off at about 8:45 and headed for the A49 towards Warrington. I met up with my dad twice before Warrington and then we organised to meet between Warrington and Wigan, subject to my dad finding a suitable place to stop.

Unfortunately he didn’t find somewhere to stop and so carried on past Wigan, I think he stopped just short of Preston but then we got a bit mixed up and I managed to overtake him as he went up the A6 around Preston and I went through the middle. I didn’t realise this and was surprised when he came up behind me.

Our meeting in 15-20 miles turned into over 50 miles.

I arrived at the campsite at about 15:30. Tonight we’re staying in Bolton Le Sands and have walked to Carnforth for dinner and to buy supplies at Tesco.

As I only crossed one county boundary, there aren’t as many photos today, so I’ve added one of my bike. It’s a Ribble, which was built in Bamber Bridge, a couple of miles off today’s route.

Distance today - 88.6 miles
Total distance - 440.0 miles

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