Friday, 25 September 2015

Lejogle - Day 21

I didn’t have to get up early today to start riding, i did have to get up to go to the dentist though (it’s OK, it was just a check up). When he found that it was the last day of my ride, I had my photo taken with a few of the staff to go on their Facebook page (I’m always grateful of more publicity).

I set off on the ride at about 11:20, I wasn’t in a rush today as my family couldn’t set off to meet me until my nephews had finished school. It was quite warm today, probably helped by leaving later than other days.

I popped into the Age UK office in Truro to meet some of the staff and to have my photo taken with them. It was lovely to meet them and see how grateful they are of the money I’ve raised.

I then carried on to Penzance via Redruth, Camborne and Hayle. I arrived in Penzance at about 15:25 and went for a wander. I managed to find a bakers which was selling off pasties as it was the end of the day, which handily settled the craving that I’d been having for the previous couple of hours.

With my family on their way, I set off for Land’s End at about 16:40 but was over ambitious with my estimate of their progress and so had to wait again a short way from Land’s End to be overtaken.

I finally arrived at Land’s End (stopping to take photos as I entered) at about 17:50. As I crossed the line there was a lady waiting for her husband to arrive and so we had a chat. Her husband then arrived (so we clapped as he crossed the line) and chatted about our rides. He left John O'Groats the day after I did, which meant that he had unfortunately had bad weather when going over Shap.

We then went around to have our photos taken at the official signpost. Unfortunately the photographer had finished for the day and so we had to make do with the stand in signpost (it’s smaller than the famous one, but it serves the purpose and there isn’t a charge for using it).

I also signed the End To End finishers book. I checked but the book only went back as far as 2012 and so didn’t see what I wrote there on 25 September 2009 when I finished my Jogle.

And so the ride is complete and I’m back at my mum’s. I’ll end today with the normal mileage counts and tomorrow I’ll write some more as a roundup of the ride.

Distance Today - 59.1 miles
Total Distance - 1,784.5 miles

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