Wednesday, 30 September 2015

R is for Recovery

I keep being asked how I am and how I’m recovering. The answer is that I’m fine and don’t appear to have any aches and pains but I thought that I wouldn’t really be able to see how I am until I went for a ride, which I hadn’t been able to do.

Yesterday I went out on my bike for the first time since Friday at Land’s End. I had planned to do a 27 mile route but by the time I should have turned back, I was going faster than I expected and so decided to carry on (I think that the amount of cake that I’ve had this transmission week might have helped with the energy levels).

I did the 42 mile route which I had been doing in my training and completed it faster than I have before. I thought that I had become slower over the three weeks and so I’m pleased that, having given my legs four days off, I’m back to where I was in terms of speed.

I was pushing more than I had been over the three weeks and so my legs were more tired last night than they were having done double the distance over the last few weeks. They also didn’t feel quite right when walking up the stairs but this morning they were fine.

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